I am a with no culinary training whatsoever. I started cooking because I wanted to eat healthy and control what I put in my body. In general, I’d like to cook light, healthy meals for my family and myself. The best way to ensure that was cooking my own food. Also, eating out often at fancy restaurants is simply too expensive. Of course, I like to eat out on special occasions. Who wouldn’t? But, in general, I cook at home. Even if some of my dishes use expensive ingredients, overall costs are the same as I order fast foods for my family. So why not invest my money on quality ingredients and enjoy restaurant-quality dishes at home?

Can I cook everything? No, there are so many foods I cannot cook and I don’t even know about, but I like to explore different dishes and share my recipes. Cooking can be a bit daunting at first. I felt the same. I was actually overwhelmed with all those ingredients and right temperatures. With a little practice, I have become more confident. When I am stressed out, I cook because it helps get my mind off all those worries and gives me Zen! It’s almost therapeutic! Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you get your Zen, too!

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