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Sourdough Pancakes or Healthy Pancakes with no White Flour

On weekends, who doesn’t want to eat fluffy pancakes? Especially, when you have kids, making pancakes is a sort of family activity people do on weekends. However, don’t you feel guilty that you eat or give your kids all that unhealthy white flour and sugar from sugary syrup? This is why you should try this recipe. This is guilt-free, healthy, yet incredibly fluffy and delicious pancakes!!!

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  • egg
  • coconut sugar
  • almond oil
  • vanilla extract
  • salt
  • coconut flour
  • almond flour
  • ground oat
  • ground flaxseeds
  • sourdough starter (optional)
  • milk 

About This Dish

Don’t throw away sourdough discard. Make these delicious, healthy sourdough pancakes!!!

All the ingredients such as oats, almond flour, coconut flour, and flaxseeds are so healthy. They are high in fiber and omega 3, which we should eat every day. Most of all, there is no white flour in this recipe. Yet, look at the pancakes. They are so fluffy. These pancakes are truly guilt free! Once you start to eat this kind of pancakes, you cannot go back to unhealthy white pancakes. If your healthy is worth keeping, try this recipe today!


  • Prepare this one night before.

If you try the recipe, please be sure to share some photos on Instagram and tag me @CookingForZen or on Twitter @CookingForZen . I look forward to seeing your creations and hearing your feedback.

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